We believe that a better and best reality for students, families, and staff is possible now. We believe that the box of education, structures and systems designed for some, must be reimagined by the genius of students, families, and staff closest to the work. We believe that we get there by implementing the following values.



as practice

 It cannot be a certificate that we earn or a check box on the professional development menu. It must become our default practice to serve, support, and sustain structures and systems that are equitable for students, families, and staff. It must become our disposition, our desire, and our daily do because we seek a better and best reality now.


  • Immediately identify and end all policies and practices that are poisonous fruits from the poisonous root of racism, supremacy ideology, oppression and mediocrity

  • Remove those who have been or would continue to be perpetrators of status quo systems and survival silos, that by design, continue to fail black and brown students, families, and staff

  • Truth and reconciliation commission that identifies past harms and works to heal and restore so we can move together toward our desired reality 


as a baseline expectation

It cannot continue to be an aspirational goal, it must be an actualized reality. We must ensure that the wellness of students, families, and staff is a norm within our policies and practices. We must abolish barriers to wellness knowing that wellness is essential to learning and thriving. We must prioritize it in our budgets, our resourcing, and staffing of schools and central office supports.



Equity and wellness are the seed and the water, achievement is the fruit of our commitment to be both well. We expect students to have year over year, grade level knowledge and skills. We expect student proficiencies to be aligned with where they should, can, and must be to realize the dreams for their lives. We expect outcomes congruent with our hopes. We expect transparent sharing of data that moves us to focus on the total wellness of students, families, and staff.


By the ecosystem

How do we make all of this happen? How do we right the past and present wrongs? How do we shake free from insane cycles of mediocrity? We must move together. This demands dialogue, co-creation and co-delivery by the entire ecosystem. We must break the survival silos and operate in the power of our interdependence, in the brilliance of the collective, to solve for present and future challenges that threaten equity, wellness, and achievement for students.


  • Clarity of vision and clarity of roles

  • Resourcing schools to achieve vision

  • Increased partnerships with city and community agencies to realize vision

  • Strategic planning between district, city, and community agencies to deliver on our promises to our children


We believe that together, WE CAN THRIVE!